A Family Tradition.

Once upon a time in a crowded south side Chicago ice rink, an idea was formed to address a common problem.

In a sport filled with traditions and tools of the game including gloves, sticks, skates, helmets and of course, socks and garter belts, I observed another tradition – players using tape and pennies to temporarily fix broken garter belts and other methods to keep their shorts connected with their socks.

A Practical Innovation.

I witnessed parents after a long day at work, many whom had never geared up for hockey, getting their kids to the rink, trying their very best to get their your player dressed just to see the smile on their children’s faces once they hit the ice.

I knew there had to be a better way to make it a better process for both parents and kids to get ready for play. It was there in that crowded south side Chicago ice rink, that the vision for HockeyJohns was born. A simple, better one-piece alternative to the jock/shorts/socks dilemma.

 Why we love what we do